Thursday, October 13, 2011

Back to the elections....

So, now the two remaining contenders are pulling out new propaganda and new arguments. There is nothing especially original here. General Pérez Molina is now presenting himself as the defender of senior citizens. He is going to increase funding for centers for the elderly and make sure that they have dignified lives. Baldizón is going to put money in the hands of hard working people and create jobs. This morning as I was rounding a pretty treacherous curve on the highway leading to Chichicastenango from Los Encuentros when I came face to face with a new billboard for the general, featuring a photo of him with his arms around two young Maya girls, one on each side of him, dressed in traje tipico. So now he is also the lover and defender of Maya women. There was no way to stop and take a photo of the billboard, but I was just about ready to vomit. The man is completely unapologetic; well, he denies that there was genocide, but he did participate in and mastermind massacres. And now he is the great protector of the Maya.

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