Tuesday, April 5, 2011

News briefs

Brief, really. Just a small article in today's paper claiming that the traffic in human beings -- particularly migrants at the U.S./Mexico border -- is a more profitable business than drug trafficking.  

Enhanced enforcement, detention and deportation policies in the U.S. notwithstanding, people still leave Guatemala every week, heading north. I know from my contacts in New Bedford that there are new arrivals there. The son of some people I've met here arrived a month or so ago; was in detention but has now been released.  Although I have not started to do formal interviews yet, I've come across several women who are either wives of migrants currently in the U.S. or themselves attempted the journey. One young couple, currently in their early 20s, set out a few years ago (before they had a child) but didn't make it. Another woman told me that she had tried a few years ago, made it part way through Mexico, stayed there a while, and then turned back. Another woman told me that her husband has been in Providence for the past three years.

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