Friday, July 29, 2011

Inescapable politics, for real

Blogging from a traffic jam in San Pedro Jocopilas, a town just to the north of Santa Cruz del Quiché. Only one road through the town and that road is being occupied by a parade for the Partido Patriota. The police at the entrance to the town weren't especially helpful; they just directed me off the main road. So I went up a street and then turned onto a street parallel to main street, thinking I'd get past whatever it was. No additional help was forthcoming. I turned back onto main street and found myself in the middle of a parade of cars decked with orange flags and bearing supporters (or people paid to act like enthusiastic supporters) of the Patriota.  Hopefully they will move soon and I will get out of here and en route to Coban, where I am planning to attend the ceremonies for the selection of the Rabin Ajaw, the national indigenous "queen" or "princess" or "daughter of the people".  But thanks to my wonderful little USB modem at least I can pass my time somewhat productively, although it does feel a bit strange and conspicuous to sit with a laptop on my lap (that's why it's called a laptop, although I rarely use it without a desk or table) and blogging and emailing away, in the middle of a small town in a rural area.  

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