Friday, January 4, 2013

From radio to radio

With the morning mist I scaled the Cuchumatanes, one of the most spectacular landscapes in a country of beautiful landscapes, to reach the town of Santa Eulalia, way up in the northern half of Huehuetenango, where there is a community radio station, Snuq Jolom Konob, that I visited once last year. As with many of the radio stations, I have met some of the people involved with the station at workshops and meetings and other events, and we stay in touch online between times. I had spent the night in Huehuetenango, the departmental capital, after doing an interview there, and since it was late, I decided not to venture on that road at night -- which turns out to have been a good decision, since I barely made it in the light of day. More on that later.

But now I am safely ensconced in the town, here with my friends at the radio station, listening to the sounds of the marimba and offering a few "mensajes" (messages) to the radio audience (how do I feel in Guatemala? how do I like the sound of the marimba? what else do I want to say to the listeners?).... But now we are going to lunch, with two of the radio broadcasters. 

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