Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Poma rosa

Manzana rosa or poma rosa... round yellow fruit with a sweet scent and taste of roses. Today we went to  Zacualpa. a nearby town, to work with women from three municipios (Zacualpa, Joyabaj and Chinique)  on developing a "message" -- the workshop was on strategies of communication. And the plan for today was to help the women turn some of their ideas into short radio spots (or "espods" as we say here in Guatemala).  When we have meetings in Zacualpa they are always at the home of Doña Cati, but today she had no power, so we had asked someone nearby to lend us space since the recording equipment needed to be plugged in.  I'll write about the recording session itself later, but I want to talk about the fruit. There were several trees in the courtyard we were using for the recording, and as we were preparing to leave someone asked about the fruit. The man who had lent us his courtyard got a stick and knocked down several ripe fruits for us to share, enough so that everyone who wanted one had one, and some of us got 2 or 3. Here's what it looks like:

The taste is nothing at all like an apple and hard to describe. It tastes like rosewater and the flesh is quite crisp. There isn't a lot of it; the fruit has a thin layer of flesh around a hollow core, in which there are two largish roundish seeds. 

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