Thursday, January 12, 2012

Always look on the bright side

I am not a Pollyanna-ish person. However, I find it hard to stay annoyed or frustrated too long. Guatemala has taught me a lot about patience and just adapting to circumstances, even if they include sitting sideways in a ditch or stalled out on a dangerous curve on a dark highway at night. So, this morning has brought its own small pleasures... as I stood on my roof hanging out laundry, I heard the strains of live marimba (accompanied by saxophones) coming from the next block, and when I got downstairs, they were walking in front of my house -- a gaggle of young kids outfitted in the "baile de la conquista" outfits, resplendant with plumes and sequins, accompanied by a Maya priest wielding a tin can full of incense, and the marimba bringing up the rear.  I will post photos and maybe some video later. But, as Monty Python reminds us, even though life is shit, one can always find pleasurable moments.

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