Friday, March 4, 2011

Evangelism in the back yard

Somewhere behind my house there is a loud Evangelical congregation. Today, on a Friday night, there is some kind of meeting or service going on. At first there was about an hour or so of music -- bouncy, upbeat, and kind of monotonous. In a recess of my brain, I imagined what it might sound like if recorded by barking dogs -- having in mind that infamous "Jingle Bells" featuring barking dogs, a novelty Christmas recording from some years back.  

This must be a special meeting, because this is the first time in the two months that I have lived here that there is loud, loud preaching and testifying going on late on a Friday night.  Unfortunately, this being Guatemala, everyone makes as much noise as they please and no one has the right, or so it seems, to complain. Not that I would in any case; although I can't quite say I am trying to "blend in", I am trying to live as normal a life as possible (which means not freaking out about the kinds of things that would be bothersome in the U.S.).  

Ah, at last it seems that the preacher is starting to tone down the shouting and exhorting his flock, and we are back to music --- maybe, maybe. 

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