Monday, January 31, 2011

Local news

So far I've refrained from commenting upon or reporting upon the local news. That's because it is mostly very grim. One day on our drive in from Antigua, Roselyn and I listened to the news together for about five minutes and then turned it off, as most of the news was about death: bodies found somewhere, bus drivers and their assistants killed by extortionists. 

Yesterday I was having my car washed (having once been charged extra by a rental company for returning a car with a lot of dust from mountain rounds, I decided to spring the Q30 to have my car cleaned) by some very pleasant guys on the next block in Chinique who have a car wash in the patio of their house, I happened to read one of the newspapers, and the first several pages were all about killings. A singer in a popular band was shot 14 times in the face. Bodies were discovered. And it went on.  Here's the front page from Sunday's paper, which I read at the car wash.


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